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Interfaith Guided Hike - Photos

Thank you for attending the Greening Sacred Spaces Guided Hike yesterday afternoon. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and everyone had a great time.
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As promised, we have included some links to the participating organizations that helped put this event together. We would like to thank them for their contribution and for making this event a success.
Greening Sacred Spaces (
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (
The Don Watershed ( (
City of Toronto (
The speakers that presented were:
Margaret McRae - Toronto Field Naturalists (
John Wilson - Lost Rivers (
Baruch Sienna - Author of The Natural Bible (
Emily Gordon - M.Div. student
Jennifer Gordon - Green Awakening Network (
Muaz Nasir - Toronto Water
TRCA Staff :
Michael Charendoff - Project Coordinator, Don River Watershed (
Lisa Ward - Coordinator, Multicultural Program Stewardship & Outreach Education (
Liana D'Andrea - Stewardship Assistant (

Interfaith Guided Hike

114H.jpg is a proud supporter of the upcoming Greening Sacred Spaces - Guided Hike. This interfaith stewardship activity will delve into the spiritual perspective on environmental and ecological stewardship. Spaces are limited, so sign up early to avoid disappointment. Join Greening Sacred Spaces for a guided hike at Taylor Creek Park! Conveniently located near the Victoria Park subway station and free of admission, this exciting event welcomes young adults from every faith background.

On this hike, you can look forward to guides from different faith communities and former members of the Don Watershed Regeneration Council. Religious leaders will address the following questions: “How does your faith articulate the need for stewardship of water and trees? How is that reflected in contemporary society?” You can also expect to participate in stewardship activities such as mulching, weeding, and picking up litter. Refreshments will also be served!

The hike will begin promptly at 2:00 pm at the Victoria Park subway station. Please wear closed-toe shoes and long pants. It is also advisable to bring a hat and a reusable water bottle.

This event is sponsored by Greening Sacred Spaces.

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Water - A Sacred Resource


Gray skies could not keep attendees away from the recent Greening Sacred Spaces event entitled Water – A Sacred Trust. The event held this past Thursday at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto drew over 50 attendees from a variety of congregations and faith groups. The goal of the seminar was to rekindle our connection towards the sanctity of water, provide proactive tips that faith groups can use to increase awareness within their congregations and to optimize the overall water efficiency within our homes and institutions.

Speakers at the event included Adrian O'Driscoll, Supervisor of Stewardship & Outreach Education at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Stan Gibson, Executive Director of Ecologos and Muaz Nasir, Program Officer from Toronto Water.

The seminar opened with a screening of the documentary One Water. This movie explores the value different cultures place on this resource, celebrates our relationship and analyzes some of the impending water issues. The film contrasts areas of the world where water is in abundance to regions where it is dangerously low and presents the issue of water quality. This was followed by an interactive discussion facilitated by Stan Gibson who encouraged the attendees to consider their personal relationship with water and the meaning of water to humanity.

Adrian then followed with a presentation covering the components of a watershed and why it is important to protect it. His demonstration on how much water is actually available to us compared to the volume of water on the planet resonated with the audience who were quick to point out that we are losing freshwater from the melting icecaps to the saltwater of the oceans. He also addressed stormwater runoff, sources of pollution that enter the natural system, and some of the community outreach programs available to residents and community groups.

The final presentation was from Toronto Water and provided proactive tips that congregations and homeowners could implement to improve water efficiency. He also provided resources that could be used as educational aids within their institutions and described some water conservation examples that faith groups could incorporate into their religious practices.

The seminar was well received with many more tuning in to watch a live stream of the event.

If you missed the seminar, you can watch a taping of the webinar and download the water efficiency slides at:

Water – A Sacred Trust Webinar Part 1

Watch live video from Islamic Foundation of Toronto on

Water – A Sacred Trust Webinar Part 2

Watch live video from Islamic Foundation of Toronto on

Water Efficiency Presentation Slides


A special thanks to CivicMuslims and Ecohesian Inc for their promotion of this event.