Interfaith Guided Hike - Photos

Thank you for attending the Greening Sacred Spaces Guided Hike yesterday afternoon. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and everyone had a great time.
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As promised, we have included some links to the participating organizations that helped put this event together. We would like to thank them for their contribution and for making this event a success.
Greening Sacred Spaces (
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (
The Don Watershed ( (
City of Toronto (
The speakers that presented were:
Margaret McRae - Toronto Field Naturalists (
John Wilson - Lost Rivers (
Baruch Sienna - Author of The Natural Bible (
Emily Gordon - M.Div. student
Jennifer Gordon - Green Awakening Network (
Muaz Nasir - Toronto Water
TRCA Staff :
Michael Charendoff - Project Coordinator, Don River Watershed (
Lisa Ward - Coordinator, Multicultural Program Stewardship & Outreach Education (
Liana D'Andrea - Stewardship Assistant (