Alhamdulillah for Snow

Alhamdulillah for Snow

Snow Snow is a beautiful sign of Allah. It covers the landscape in a pristine white blanket and leaves behind a fresh, crystalline landscape. Though Canada may be known for its cold harsh winters, the average snow cover has been declining over the past several decades due to climate change. This has resulted in more temperate winters and below-average, seasonal snowfall amounts across the country. The next time it snows, take a moment to reflect on the uniqueness of each snowflake, the serenity of the landscape and the purity of the air as signs from Allah.

Photo Credit: Martina Rathgens

About the Series

The “Alhamdulillah Series” was inspired by Ruzky Aliyar who featured a series of nature images with the tagline “Alhamdulillah”. The series was profiled on Muslim Matters during the Winter of 2012 and quickly drew praise for the simplicity of the message. Building upon this effort to remember the many blessings of Allah, has picked up the initiative and will continue to highlight the many signs of Allah.

“There truly are signs in this for people who reflect.” (Quran 13:3)