As interest in the environmental movement continues to grow, many Muslims are revisiting their faith in an effort to identify the contributions Islam can bring in promoting greater environmental awareness. Muslims across the world have quickly adopted and adapted the green movement; spearheading new projects in their own communities and collaborating with other faith groups to address a broad range of common issues, ranging from animal rights to water management. Within Canada, Muslims are already involved in a diverse range of projects aimed at encouraging conservation, reducing waste and participating in ecologically-sensitive consumption. While there has been success in practicing the Islamic teachings surrounding the environment, there lacks a central forum for the exchange of ideas and recognition of our community’s accomplishments.

The term ‘Khaleafa’ is the Arabic term for steward and represents the sacred responsibility that has been bestowed upon us by Allah. The concept of stewardship is the inspiration of this project and has formed for the foundation for discussion of the environmental ideals already present within the Islamic faith. The goal of this website is to reignite the discourse surrounding the Islamic approach to environmentalism and to draw upon the essence of these teachings, emphasizing the movement from a Canadian perspective.

As Canadians we are intrinsically connected with the environment. The Canadian wilderness conjures up images of pristine lakes, vast tracts of forests and endless coastlines. Although most of us live in urban areas, we identify with these cultural symbols and have incorporated them into our national identify.  It is safe to assume that Muslim Canadian attitudes reflect similar national trends. While the community as a whole has only recently recognized the future potential of the environmental movement, the Islamic tradition is rich in progressive conservation ideals based on the Islamic teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.  It is only though awaking the stewardship responsibility inherent to all of us will we be able to develop new solutions to reversing the environmental problems plaguing our planet.