Upcoming Event: Water - A Sacred Resource


Water plays an instrumental role in the foundation of many of the world’s religions. Whether it is used as part of ritual cleansing and purification or embraced as a symbol of growth and fertility, the concept of water management and conservation is integral to the religious practices of many faiths.

In Canada we are blessed with an abundance of fresh water and enjoy relatively easy and reliable access to it. This convenience however has allowed us to become disassociated with the true value of water as a life preserving force and a catalyst for growth both physically and spiritually.

Khaleafa.com is proud to support this initiative which will be taking place at the Islamic Foundation of Toronto on September 20 2012. The goal of this seminar is to rekindle our connection towards the sanctity of water, provide proactive tips that faith groups can use to increase awareness within their congregations and optimize the overall water efficiency of both our homes and institutions.

Admission is free and the event will be broadcast live online. Please RSVP at: waterasacredresource.eventbrite.com