MADE launches the Ultimate Water Challenge

The Muslim Action for Development & Environment (MADE) has launched its newest campaign to raise awareness about water consumption and educate Muslims about the importance of conservation.

The Ultimate Water Challenge encourages Muslims to reduce their water use through completing a series of challenges from March 21st-March 25th, 2016. Participants can either sign up as an individual or a team and compete against each other across several categories. The overall goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and funds to support well-boring initiatives in Zanzibar.


CHALLENGE LEVEL 1 – Only for the Conscious!

Beat the Tap: Use only the Prophetic amount of water [the mudd approx. 675ml] during wudu for the five prayers over five days - mudd is included!

CHALLENGE LEVEL 2 – Only for the Brave!

Beat the Bucket: Beaten the tap? Well then how about the ghusl bucket challenge and use 1 bucket for your daily shower – challenge yourself and be one of the brave!

CHALLENGE LEVEL 3 – Only for the Heroic!

The Ultimate Water Walk: Is the bucket a breeze? Then take the Ultimate Water Walk carrying a weight of 20 litres for 6km through central London passing iconic places whilst raising awareness of water injustice and the Islamic teachings of water. Experience what many women and children go through daily who do not have access to water - challenge your endurance and be one of the heroes!

To learn more and sign up as an individual or a team, visit