Dua: Bringing Faith to the Climate Change Discussion


This Dua was written by Imam Zaid Shakir, senior faculty member of the Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California as part of the Our Voices campaign.

O Allah, our Creator, the one who originated the heavens and the Earth,

There is not a moving creature but You have grasp of its forelock.

Verily You are our Sustainer, our Protector, the Watcher over us.

Forgive us for spreading corruption on the land,

And make us among those who spread peace and mercy.

O Allah, give light to the words of those involved in the climate change negotiations,

Instil wisdom, fairness, compassion and courage into the hearts of our leaders so that they

May lead us to a path of justice for the sake of our planet, our children and children’s children.

You have reminded us in Qur'an,

'Corruption has appeared on the land and in the sea, owing to the misdeeds of human hands. Thus do We give them a taste of what they have brought about in order that they may return.'

O Allah, bless our leaders and ourselves to return to the path of responsible stewardship of the earth and the limited resources you have blessed us to enjoy therein.


Dua for Climate