Alhamdulillah for Icicles

ICICLES Icicles form when ice or snow is melted and the runoff flows to an area below freezing causing the water to refreeze. Icicles come in various shapes and sizes depending on the surface, flow and direction of the melted water. As most of the country heads back into another deep freeze, take a moment to reflect on the simple purity of icicles whose form and evolving shape reminds us of how great things are built from small actions.

Photo Credit: cameronparkins

About the Series

The “Alhamdulillah Series” was inspired by Ruzky Aliyar who featured a series of nature images with the tagline “Alhamdulillah”. The series was profiled on Muslim Matters during the Winter of 2012 and quickly drew praise for the simplicity of the message. Building upon this effort to remember the many blessings of Allah, has picked up the initiative and will continue to highlight the many signs of Allah.

"There truly are signs in this for people who reflect." (Quran 13:3)