Awakening our stewardship responsibility through action


The Green Khutbah Campaign aims to mobilize Muslims to become responsible stewards of the environment by caring for all of God’s creations. On Friday, April 22, 2016, Muslims will be encouraged by their religious leaders to look to the Islamic principles to ‘Green Their Deen’ and promote greater environmental awareness. 


Thank you for participating in the 2016 Green Khutbah Campaign!  This year the theme was "Climate Change: Working Together to Solve a Global Challenge" and congregations across the world stepped up and adopted this mission as their own. If you would like to share your sermon or photos of your Earth Day activities, please drop us a line at and we can upload them to the Khaleafa community. 



Join the growing world-wide movement of Muslims who are returning to a simpler lifestyle. 

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Take Action

While the prospects may seem daunting, there are several measures you can take to combat climate change.

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