What is the ‘Think Green Khutbah Campaign’

For Earth Day 2012, the ‘Think Green Khutbah Campaign’ is aiming to challenge Muslims to become stewards of the environment by making changes to their daily routines. Religious leaders – Imams and Khateebs – are being asked, through the Khutbah (sermon) on Friday, April 20, 2012, to celebrate the blessings, graces and beauty of all of Allah’s creation and to raise awareness, in their congregation, on the environmental challenges facing humanity.

This year’s ‘Think Green Khutbah Campaign’ challenge is to request all Muslims to live according to the S plan:

 a)    live a simple life

b)     live a sustainable life

c)     live as stewards of the environment

 Below you will find links to resources which can provide you with ideas and information to prepare the Khutbah or to involve Imams and Khateebs.

You are kindly requested to signup your Mosque/Center for the ‘Think Green Khutbah Campaign’ through the form below; all participating Mosques and Centers will be listed.