The Idea:

The goal of the Green Khutbah Campaign is to raise awareness in the Muslim community about global environmental issues. It grew out of a larger initiative called Khaleafa, which is the Arabic term for steward, and represents the sacred responsibility of the environment that has been bestowed upon us by God. The concept of stewardship is the inspiration of this project and has formed the foundation for discussion of the environmental ideals already present within the Islam.



On Friday April 24th, 2015, Imams are being requested to deliver a Khutbah (sermon) on an environmental topic to raise awareness on the challenges facing humanity. The focus of the campaign is threefold:

1) To raise awareness about the current state of the environment today. 2) To highlight the contributions Islam can bring towards the environmental movement. 3) To provide proactive tools that the Muslim community can adopt into their daily lives.